This is a copy of the e-mail sent to the Faculty and Staff by David Toze announcing his decision to rescind his contract. The same letter was sent out to all Parents.

From: Toze, David
Sent: Wednesday, 31 May, 2006 7:12 AM
To: ISM Faculty and Staff
Subject: LIFE
Attachments: AGM SPEECH 06.doc (63KB)

Hi Everyone:

Some of you may have heard that at the AGM on Monday the Board President announced that I had been offered and had accepted a two year extension to my present contract, which concludes in July 2007. I accepted the extension because I do genuinely care very deeply about this school and would be happy to stay here to see my children through their middle and high school years.

However, in my speech to the Assembly, I did preface my acceptance with the following words: This last year, despite the presence of serious, committed and thoughtful Trustees, the Board has arrived at a situation where, in certain ways, it is simply not functioning as it ought. Not through lack of effort; not through lack of time, not through lack of desire but through lack of synergy and lack of understanding of what is its role. Depending on tonight’s election results, the present situation may continue as it is or worsen. If it remains the same or deteriorates still further, what would be the point of my staying?

Last night was the first formal meeting of the Board, and it was apparent to me that the "present situation" was not likely to improve. Indeed, my feeling was that relationships would, if anything, worsen considerably. Accordingly, I have decided to rescind my contract extension and will conclude my work at ISM at the end of the next school year.

Although I could have waited some months to make this decision, I feel that for the sake of the school - which has to hire a replacement - and especially for the sake of the new teachers arriving in July, it would be better to get this out of the way now rather than wait until August or September.

For those of you who need something to send yourselves to sleep on long flights home, I have attached a copy of the Assembly speech I made.