From: [name withheld by request]
Date: 08 Sep 2006, 08:25:12 AM
Subject: Most profound thanks.

I would like to personally thank the ismstakeholders site for giving the community a place to be heard; it was a place to restore ones faith and sanity.

I would like to thank the parent community for their wholehearted support and belief in our common cause, it was a wonderful feeling to be in the stakeholders office gathering proxies with members from all aspects of our community and one that made me even MORE proud to be a teacher at this amazing school.

I would like to thank the students who were desperate for information but held on, I hope they will come to understand that there are times when teachers cannot be seen to be “leading” their students in one direction or another and under this particular climate of conflict any gathering of students and teachers would have been misconstrued, no matter how much teachers wanted to relieve your pain. Don’t forget, it may be over but even we still don’t have the answers to the questions we asked.

Attentions turn now to starting the healing process but I think this whole conflict was already the beginning of healing very old wounds. It gave me back my faith in humanity to see old divisions disappear as people came together with one common goal: It would be a short-sighted mistake to think that this was ever about local versus expatriate in any way; for once, that had nothing to do with it!

I would like to thank our wonderful Administrative team for being there for us throughout the process; without their support the past few days would have been a different story and I know they feel the same way.

There were some very important lessons learned by the whole community in this crisis and I hope they will never be forgotten.

I feel so full of hope now, there is light again,

Most sincerely,

[name withheld]