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Date: September 1, 2006 5:36:31 PM GMT+08:00
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Subject: Invitation to ISM Board & Parents from Concerned ISM Faculty

Gracita Gilda G. Bocanegra
Board President
International School Manila

1 September 2006

Dear Mrs Bocanegra,

We 116 members of the ISM faculty and support staff are greatly concerned by the recent resignations of two members of the Board of Trustees, and the decision by the Leadership Team to withdraw from EDUCOM. We believe that if we are to maintain a positive learning environment for the students it is crucial that the school community is united and pulling in the same direction; we are also gravely concerned that a lack of unity may endanger the important process of accreditation.

As members of the parent, teacher, and staff community of ISM, we would therefore like to invite the Board to attend a meeting with us and the parents on Thursday 7 September, at 4pm in the Little Theater, in order to discuss the following issues.

1. What is the Boards response to the concerns raised in the resignation letters and in the letter from the Leadership Team?

2. What is the Boards plan for informing the stakeholders about the current crisis regarding the resignation of board members and the withdrawal of administration from EDUCOM?

3. How do you plan to resolve the evident tensions between the Board and the Leadership Team?

4. What is the Boards vision of the future direction of ISM?

5. How does the Board see the current situation affecting teaching and learning across the school?

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to hear from the Board directly, rather than having to rely on second-hand information and gossip. We therefore hope that you will agree to meet us face-to-face to discuss the above concerns.

In the same spirit of openness and transparency, we are sending a copy of this letter to the wider ISM community, together with copies of the letters from Mr Fishburn, Ms Tan-Saban, and the ISM Leadership. They have given us permission to make these letters more widely available.

Yours sincerely,

Concerned Faculty Members

board resignation letter 08302006.pdf
Letter from Administration to the Board2.doc