Tara Visani, writes the website as a concerned parent. The views she expresses are her personal views and not that of the entire US Embassy.

From: "Tara Glenn"
To: info@ismstakeholders.com
Date: 04 Sep 2006, 05:23:03 PM
Subject: * Please send the CLO at the US Embassy updates


I attended today's meeting at the school and had requested to have any additional and up-to-date information on the events at the school as they occur. I have already spoken to my Management Counselor and will be briefing our Deputy Chief of Mission along with other members of the Embassy community as soon as possible. I would like to receive all information as it relates to the safety and well fare of our children at the school. If there is a teacher or parent that has any additional insight or wants their concerns to be heard, please contact me.

As a parent myself, I am very concerned about the state of the school affairs and the stability of the teachers presence. If any disruption of school moral & activities becomes evident in light of today's events or future events to come, we all have a large task ahead of us.

It was however, very reassuring to see that the parents have rallied in support of the administration and demand that the current board answers all the questions that the teachers, parents & all concerned parties have.

If the US Embassy can do anything to ease the tension or assist in bringing resolution to this situation, we need to have all the facts & information the minute it is available. So, please do inform us by sending an e-mail to CLOManila@State.gov as soon as possible.

Thank you very much,

Tara Visani
Community Liaison Office Coordinator