Parent Roberto Taboada writes the Board.

To: "ISM Board" []
From: Roberto C Taboada
Date: 07 Sep 2006, 10:09:03 AM
Subject: Re: Letter to Parents, Faculty and Staff

Dear Mrs. Bocanegra and remaining members of the Board:

Please resign.

I may not have any right to ask you to do this, and I admit I do not know many of the facts surrounding this situation. I do not know you, I do not know your plans for the school, I do not know the reasons you had to remove Mr. Toze. I do not have any personal agenda.

What I know is that for a 2nd day today I had to tell my kid that there was no school today, and I could not give him any reason why. He only has a few weeks going to the school, but he already loves going to his "big school" as he calls it.

It is also a fact that you have lost the trust of many parents, plus the 5 Board members (half the board!) that have already resign, not to mention 199 faculty and staff (the entire faculty body!) that have written to you asking for yor resignation.

I have never seen any leadership team (in a company, government, public association, etc) alienate so many people in such a short time. Do you really believe you can now start "building bridges" ?

At the very least, STOP LYING to us. Let me recap a couple of the lies I have witnessed in the last communications the Board sent to the parents:

1. In your letter dated 09/04, you stated that Stephen Dare "has agreed to assume these [superindented] responsibilities" after you fired Dave Toze. The following day, Stephen Dare wrote a letter to the ISM Faculty informing that he, in fact, had not agreed to such a thing.

2. In your letter yesterday you say that "a group of concerned Faculty and Staff whose identity is not known has chosen to stage a work stoppage". Well, I was there when the ENTIRE faculty and Staff very publicly announced their decision. There is a signed letter by 199 Faculty and Staff explaining their decision. This is not merely a group, and certainly their identity is well known. Have you bothered to attend the meeting as they have requested you, you could also have seen them.

This is not "negative publicity" but a fact. These are not "misunderstandings". This is outright, shameless lying.

Is this the example you are giving your own children?

Aren't you ashamed? Don't you have any dignity left that you have to resort to lying? For the sake of our children, please resign.

Roberto Taboada