We received a copy of an email written by Roberto Taboada, a parent, to Ms. Bocanegra

To: info@ismstakeholders.com
From: Roberto C Taboada
Date: 04 Sep 2006, 09:07:44 PM

Dear Mrs. Bocanegra:

I have a few questions:

1. Can you explain the reason or reasons behind the sudden termination of Mr. Toze's contract? Specifically, what are the "recent events at the School", that, according to your letter, have prompted the Board to take this action?

2. In particular, can you explain what prompted the uncivilized manner in which Mr. Toze was taken out of the school, specially since Mr. Toze has been a very respected Superintendent for the last 5 years? Was the use of a guard to escort Mr. Toze out of the school really necessary, specially since Mr. Toze has his own children attending the school?

3. How long do you expect the school to be without a Superintendent? Has Mr. Dare agreed in writing to take this responsibility in the meantime?

4. I understand that a significant number of teachers have requested a meeting with the Board to try to understand the recent events. Has the board agreed to meet with the teachers?

5. I am also aware that 2 members of the Board have recently resigned and raised several issues in their resignation letters. What is the position of the remaining members of the Board regarding the issues raised in those letters?

5. Due to the gravity of the situation, and, as you say in your letter, assure the stability of the school, is the Board planning to call a meeting with parents to explain the situation and give us your plan of action towards renewed stability?

I really look forward to hear back from you. After all, as you say in your letter, an effective dialogue is critical in this situation, and all parents have a right to be informed.

Best regards,

Roberto Taboada