A student, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote us this emal.

From: [name withheld]
To: info@ismstakeholders.com
Date: 06 Sep 2006, 02:07:27 AM
Subject: Student Concern

To all parents, students and faculty,

I am a concerned student, appalled by all the events that have been taking place in ISM. I feel that it is necessary to state that I am in a neutral position.

As a student, I firmly believe that the student population is horribly uninformed, and thus is forced to base their opinions on rumors and fallacies. I, myself, have heard many different angles concerning the events, and I believe that it is completely unfair that the students of this community are uninformed to the point of ignorance. Students have the right to be a part of the decisions made, or at the very least, kept up to date of the recent events. Each day, we are forced to live through an enigma we are well aware of, and yet we are expected to carry on, as if it were a normal day. It is barely the fifth week of the school year, and ISM is already falling into mass chaos.

We demand to know, through an organized assembly, what is happening.

Against the majority, I feel that the ISM Stakeholder website is informative, yet blatantly biased. I know that the website was created to inform the population of the events, yet it merely magnifies, and therefore aids only one side of the battle. This website neither defends nor explains the opposition, and I feel that it is ultimately fruitless. Though I am grateful for the existence of this website, I encourage it to contain different points of view, to effectively enlighten the uninformed.

As of now, many students feel that the board is too political to function in this school. However, there are too many underlying opinions that continually hinder our understanding of the occurrences. Personally, I feel this is merely a very complicated and almost thespian power struggle, and I will continue to believe this, unless the student community is taken out of the dark. On a daily basis, I see students judging that the once they hear enough stories, they are in the know, when in reality, as I have experienced, the more one hears in this school, the more one is obscured from the truth.

I understand that we are children, and concerned parents feel that it is best to shield the children from the daunting truth. However, there are a handful of students in the know, and they perpetually show that they are unreliable sources. For example, many students are declaring that ISM could lose its international accreditation soon, yet when I approached an administrative employee, I was told that this is untrue, and that a change like that would take 3-5 years to happen. This proves that information passed on by mouth is constantly morphed into something larger than it truly is. Therefore, I feel that it is in the best interest of the student population if the students are informed in an assembly. Only then can we go through school without having to filter the mass of information that we hear.


A very concerned ISM student

P.S. I believe that whether or not this letter is posted will determine the true intentions of the ISM Stakeholders.