We received this letter from students Katrina Razon and Shiv Hiranand.

From: "Katrina Razon"
To: info@ismstakeholders.com
Date: 05 Sep 2006, 10:51:33 PM
Subject: Message of concern

To the International Manila School community,

We, as students are concerned with the current situation that involves the Board of Trustees, parents and teachers. We feel that the ISM community is being jeopardized and we as students are worried about our school's future and the diminishment of our education. ISM is a very prestigious school and is considered to have the best education in the Philippines as well as South East Asia and we do not understand how a conundrum can escalade into such a serious situation. Not only are we concerned with our education but for the future of our teachers and the reason is because they?ve been so dedicated to enriching the lives of the ISM student body.

We as students feel aggravated and confused with the current situation at hand because of the lack of information that has been delivered to us. In short, we feel that we deserve to have a voice in expressing our thoughts and views of this predicament. There are many obstacles that our community must overcome and we as students feel as if we should contribute to maintaining the dignity of our school and its reputable name.


Katrina Razon Class of 2009
Shiv Hiranand Class of 2008