A student, who wishes to remain anonymous, writes the Board.

From: [name withheld]
To: board@ismanila.com
Cc: info@ismstakeholders.com
Date: 07 Sep 2006, 02:28:52 PM
Subject: Breaking the silence

To the International School Manila Board of Trustees,

Good afternoon. Please be informed that I will be sending a copy of this e-mail to the ISMstakeholder website. After recent events, meetings and decisions, I am extremely surprised that you remaining Board members still have not stepped down. I am beginning to wonder what is so great about your position that you refuse to resign so much. There is news of some teachers, excellent members of the ISM faculty, planning to leave the school because of the Board's stubbornness and lack of cooperation.

Yesterday, I wrote an e-mail to the ISMstakeholder website (where I withheld my name) about wanting to know the truth and all the facts concerning this situation. Believe me, I'm not the only one who thinks this way. But I am writing this letter not because I want the truth, but my purpose is to send my message through that I am no longer standing in neutral ground, but rather request that you members of the Board resign immediately for the sake of our school.

Let me remind you that we students, whether we are children of expatriates, scholars or are students who pay in full, all study in one of the best schools in this country, a highly respected institution 86 years in the making. This current conflict in leadership is giving our beloved school an ill reputation and bad publicity. If the school loses its institutional credibility, the futures of about two thousand students are at stake. May I also remind you that if anyone, we students are being affected the most by this situation. We have now lost two days of school due to teachers on strike. While some of us still remain bystanders to this situation, others are currently living in fear of what could be the future of ISM. We all love this school, and hope that the Board will just please resign now so we can just put this all behind us and carry on with our lives.

Families pay to send their children to this school. We have already lost two days worth of new lessons and ideas. I would like to express my disgust in how this is simply because the Board refuses to step down. I am sorry if this may disrespect, but I think that itís a very selfish decision. I am afraid of losing my teachers, especially those who are my favorites and in the past have taught me new things in ways that will be forever stamped in my mind. I believe that even though their intentions are good, their means of expression isnít very pleasing. This current issue in school is widely talked about on MSN Messenger, over the telephone, and is also discussed in blogs. Different views are being expressed and Iím not surprised in the diversity of opinions given by members of such a diverse school.

As far as I have heard, the parent community of ISM is very close to coming up with the two-thirds vote to make the Board step down from position. I also know that majority of the Board of Trustees has already resigned from position. To the remaining members of the Board Ė Mrs. Bocanegra, Mr. De Mesa, Mr. Brunner and Mr. Navasero Ė please hear the voice of the ISM Community and just resign for all our sakes. We want to go back to school and we want to go to ISM and not any other school out there. I came to this school with good prospects of my future and still hope that after this conflict is resolved I can still continue to pursue my dreams through ISM.

I am respectfully hoping for your consideration, as well as your immediate resignation.

Peace and Love,

ISM Student,
Class of 2011