An anonymous student writes.

From: [name withheld]
Date: 07 Sep 2006, 04:57:39 PM
Subject: Email from a student


I have been studying in ISM for close to 3 years. After so many experiences, this school has been one of the greatest schools that I?ve been to. I do not understand why such a problem has to seem so big, and what will happen later on. Will ISM students still get a chance to study here or will this school collapse?

When I heard about the recent news about Mr. Toze getting fired and teachers resigning, I was very disgrace. I have never thought that such a thing can happen to all of us. Also when I found out that our school's news was on the Philippine Star Newspaper, I was very shameful of how others will perceive us, and how many outsiders will look down on us. Our school problems should be dealt in school, and not opening them to the whole of Philippines. Have you ever thought about the rest of the students in this school- especially how other people will respect us as international students?

The school is suppose to be educating students in the right way and make every school day a day filled with enjoyment and purpose, and if there are problems with the school board, teachers and/or parents, you all should not make it seem like a huge problem and then announce that there won't be school the following day; besides the students are not the ones at fault. At the moment, other international schools are laughing at us, for what is going on.

I will be leaving this school at the end of the year and I hope that this matter will patch up as soon as possible, and the students will be able to return to school as normal. Also I hope such problems will not happen again, even if there will be, please don't make it affect the students.

With regards,

A concerned student of class 2009