A student, who wishes to remain anonymous writes.

From: [name withheld]
To: info@ismstakeholders.com
Date: 07 Sep 2006, 11:13:40 AM
Subject: Letter from anonymous student

To all members of ISM community,

I have been a student of ISM for the last five years, however, recognising the current situation, I have realised that all this time, I have known absolutely nothing about what goes on underneath the system. Perhaps I am ignorant. In the other hand, I cannot help considering censorship to be the cause for my lack of knowledge of the problems in ISM.

Tuesday, September the 5th was the first time I heard of the conflict concerning the termination of Mr. Toze and and the faculty's demand for the board's resignation. Besides the previous "big news" of ISM being auctioned, I am definitely missing out on a lot of important incidents. Even in the ISM Stakeholders site, I have not found any actual proof of true events that lead to the demand for the board's resignation. The causes are missing, and all the majority knows so far is the outcome. I find this fact contradictory to what I have (ironically) learned at school to be the basis of a well-functioning government.

I fully trust and support the faculty's side of this conflict, however there are many out there who wish to remain neutral because of the lack of information given. By no means of being "nosy" or attempting to hummiliate certain individuals, I request all adults of the ISM community to please open up to the students and other less-informed adults about the current and future situation. Take down the censorship and show the proves. Please stop trying to "protect" the minors, because we have the rights to know and voice our opinions, even before the small problems become a big conflict like the one we face now. This I believe will create more faith and honesty within the ISM community from now on.


Anonymous student of class 2009