Parent Sridhar Sockalingam writes to add to Peter Cordingley's e-mail.

From: Sridhar Sockalingam
Sent: Mon 9/11/2006 1:03 PM
Subject: Additional suggestions

In addition to the excellent suggestions from Parent Peter Cordingley, we should also:

Conduct a benchmarking exercise with other International Schools on their constitution, by-laws and requirements on board composition. To maximise learnings, the benchmarking team would ideally undergo formal training on benchmarking.

A simple approach (if we do not want to go thru the tedium of training) would be to get a copy of the topics listed above from the schools we determine doing a far better job and compare those with ISM's own set of documents.

For the benefit of those who do not know what benchmarking does -

Benchmarking is a process or methodology used to identify and define BEST PRACTICES within and in OTHER organizations. It also provides oportunity to develop relevant measurables/goals.

Best Regards

Sridhar Sockalingam
ISM Parent