Sridhar Sockalingam, a Parent, wrote the following email.

From: Sridhar Sockalingam
Reply-To: Sridhar Sockalingam
Date: 06 Sep 2006, 09:29:21A
Subject: Resign

To The ISM Board of Trustees,

I have been a parent at ISM for the last 8 years.

Yesterday, 5th sept 2006, at a meeting between the parents and the faculty, the entire ISM faculty unequivocally stated that they will no longer work if the present board remains. You have lost the trust of the faculty.

I have been at the school on the 4th and the 5th of september 2006 expecting the board to address the parent community and explain their actions and their behaviour. On the 4th, Martin Lamb made excuses for the your lack of presence. On the 5th, none of you bothered to explain anything.

You have lost my trust in you.

I see no recourse. I expect the entire Board of Trustees to resign immediately so that the parents can resolve this issue.

Best Regards

Sridhar Sockalingam