Former Trustee Rowina Tan-Saban sets the recond straight regarding an email from former teacher Bob Cook. The email from Bob Cook has been posted on one blog site. We reproduce the email from Bob Cook below as it was attached to Ms. Tan-Saban's email.

From: Rowina Tan-Saban
Sent: Sun 9/17/2006 8:05 PM
To: ISMstakeholders
Subject: JUNE 2, 2006 EMAIL OF MR. BOB COOK
Attachments: BOB COOK EMAIL 06022006.jpg (161KB)

Dear Fellow ISM Stakeholders,

I would like to give a wider historical context relative to email of June 2, 2006 from Mr. Robert Cook to then ISM Board, specifically to “convey my congratulations on your recent election and the surprise turn of events with David Toze’s decision to leave ISM. I can’t think of better news.”

Mr. Cook was former high school history teacher and when offered a contract extension, he put forward his acceptance on condition that his partner Mr. Mike Jamias (then a lower elementary school teacher assistant) should be hired as a full time faculty. Mr. Toze highlighted that Mr. Jamias was not qualified for a teaching position and his request would be a decision for the Elementary School principal to make.

While Mr. Cook was a well-regarded teacher, it was unfortunate that he opted not to renew his contract and left ISM with some feeling of resentment towards administration.

Then, during the critical months of SARS outbreak, all faculty and staff were given definite advisory to avoid several places, including the Mainland China, as a holiday destination during the coming Easter break. Despite this, both Mr. Cook and Mr. Jamias proceeded for a job interview at the Shanghai American School and later did not notify their respective administrators about the trip. Fellow teachers became deeply concerned about Mike being around young kids, the highly possible exposure to SARS virus and more importantly endangering the safety of entire ISM community. Thus, both were immediately asked to leave campus, go on quarantine and secure a physician’s clearance prior to being allowed re entry to ISM.

How can we dignify such comments from Mr. Cook who as a faculty could not exemplify basic expectations of public health and safety, and who clearly for selfish reasons wanted to compromise the quality of education at ISM?


Former ISM Trustee 2001 – August 31, 2006