Parent Miriam Rinker wrote the Board.

From: Miriam Rinker
Date: 07 Sep 2006, 12:10:21 AM
Subject: Letter to existing Board members: Mr. DeMesa, Mr.Lahm, Mr.Brunner,Mr.Navasero, and Ms. Bocanegra.

Existing Board members:

I am dismayed, dumbfounded and quite frankly blown away with the way the ISM Board has behaved in the past few days. I've waited patiently, hoping for quick changes and answers. I keep attending meetings and reading irritating misleading and erroneous letters from the ISM Board. Especially irritating is a recent letter to the ISM community from Ms. Bocanegra, which I received today, Wednesday Sept. 6th. Who is responsible for the words behind this letter? Is there a collective board consensus when you write letters Ms. Bocanegra, or do these ridiculous words spew straight from your own thoughts? The audacity to say that the board has tried to communicate with the ISM community is an outright insane and incorrect statement. You have all been noticeably absent for days, and have not attended meetings as a complete board, and every now and then you send out ridiculous letters, with demeaning menial excuses, but we never get the answers to the questions that we ask! Why can you not face us as a collective Board and answer direct questions?

Funny thing is, we did saw you Ms.Bocanegra as you walked into the doorway of a meeting on Tuesday at 4:00 in the HS Gym and you immediately left. Why were you not professional enough to stand up and answer a few questions, and at the very least give us reasons to ISM Board's most bizarre behavior in regards to the termination of Mr. Toze? I am forced to ask myself, do we want a board that cannot answer to the ISM administration, staff and parents with clear transparency and in a timely manner? Isn't this the Board's job? It's a voluntary position, so its unfathomable to understand why you are all hanging onto these positions so desperately, especially when clearly you are not doing your job according to the ISM code of conduct, and when the entire school has requested and is pleading that you all resign! What compels you to hold on? It's baffling!

In the latest email from Ms. Bocanegra, it was written by her that "It is our wish that the children do not have to be involved in the issue of no confidence vote on the Board." Excuse me, but, its way to late to not involve the children!!!

The board members have set the stage, and you are the ones that forced the ISM Faculty and Staff to safeguard their very own lively hood in protest. They have real jobs, with real honest intentions, they teach our children to be hardworking, honest, and engaging learners. They do not have voluntary positions, with hidden agendas.

I do admire and respect those who volunteer (I volunteer), but usually those that do so, have the right intentions! I know that I speak for many parents here, we do not understand the remaining Board member's intentions. Why stay so silent?

My Senior and Freshman daughters hit the nail on the head this morning at breakfast. As we were in the kitchen Wednesday morning together making pancakes for breakfast (albeit an unexpected mid week breakfast) my child asked me a very poignant question. "Why would the board do this to their own children, they said? How embarrassed their kids must be, she remarked." These statements made me realize what an negative image the board is sending not only to our children, but to their very own children. As a parent, I am deeply moved and saddened. Both girls went on to say "Why doesn't the board hear what every one is saying, after all mom, when we as teenagers do something that is wrong, you complain and let us know what we did wrong, you ask us to reflect on our mistake, admit we were wrong, apologize and learn from our mistakes, and sometimes we have to regain your trust. " How very appropriate and fitting this words are!

Why cant the board grow up and be responsible adults? Do the right thing, resign, save some dignity and respect for you and your families. Quit dragging your feet, burying your heads and impacting our children's education. Let us move on expediently and with purpose. Lets begin the healing, repair the problems and start the educating again.

Miriam Rinker (10 years with ISM)