Following is a copy of the e-mail from Juris Lallana of KPMG reporting the official results of the Special Meeting of the Members of I.S.M. held on Monday, September 18, 2006.

From: Lallana, Juris
To: Dare, Stephen
CC: Tanega, Karina
Sent: Mon Sep 18 23:01:52 2006
Subject: Election Results

Here are the results of today's election:

No. of Special Proxies - 342
No. of Present in Person - 619


Official Results:

Cu, Ernest 896
Delgado, Margarita 888
Johnson, Randy 919
Jones, Paul W. 918
Markovic, Annika 914
Miranda, Juan 906
Montinola III, Aurelio 884
Santos Frederick M. 892
Suh, Byoung Hyun 887
Vohra, Sanjiv 905