Parent Doug Reed sent us this e-mail.

From: "Doug Reed"
Date: 06 Sep 2006, 10:59:41 AM
Subject: Looking Ahead

Fr: Doug Reed, Parent
Re: Looking Ahead

The education of our children, and the reputation, accreditation and viability of the school is now at risk. The Board has adamantly refused to meet with parents and discuss reasons for actions that have brought the school to a standstill. The Board has developed a bunker mentality. Delicadeza would require that they resign now to prevent further embarrassment to themselves and enable the faculty to, again, educate children and continue the vision that attracted families to International School Manila.

School operations will cease with the walkout of 199 faculty and administrative personnel until either the board resigns or 800 signatures are received for a vote of no confidence. If the current Board is then dissolved, in accordance with the by-laws there will be a period of time before a new Board is elected.

During the period of Board vacancy, can the termination of the actions of the previous Board be rescinded and Mr. David Toze, if willing, be reinstated to his previous position as Superintendent in accordance with his recent contract? He has been instrumental in the improved performance and facilities of I.S.M.. His summary and legally questionable dismissal is an affront to all his accomplishments during the past four years. How long will I.S.M. be without a qualified, proven Superintendent?