Angelita Ramos, parent, sent this e-mail to the Board and copied the website.

From: "PLDT FOA- Angelita M. Ramos"
Date: 05 Sep 2006, 04:24:25 AM


5 September 2006

Dear Ms. Bocanegra and ISM Board of Trustees,

My sister and I are alumni; my mother continues to be ISM’s longest serving administrator; my son is in 9th grade. We have a combined 74 years of association with the International School Manila (and its predecessor the American School Manila). As ISM stakeholders, we have experienced many ups and downs including the first bomb threats to any school in Manila, conflicts erupt and be resolved, boards/administrators/teachers/staff/parents/students come and go.

In all these years, I have never been so appalled by anything as the disgraceful behavior and actuations of the current board of trustees.

Please be reminded of some relevant, key points about our school:

Vision – Integrity, Service, Merit

Mission -…………..Our school is diverse and dynamic, and our students have the highest aspirations for their education and future lives. Our mission is to build a community of reflective learners who are passionate, caring and responsible contributors in the world in which we live.

Core Beliefs that bind our community of faculty staff, parents and students: We strive to ……………

• Interact through honest, respectful and open communication.

• Acknowledge and celebrate our differences and encourage empathy, compassion, understanding and respect for human dignity.

How can we teach our children these values, beliefs, good manners, and proper conduct when board members themselves so miserably fail to uphold them?

I am blessed with a son who actually likes going to school, particularly this one. Much credit goes to his teachers, counselors, school administrators who teach, guide, inspire, and yes…..enlighten him.

It is so sad that only into the 5th week of the school year, we in the ISM community may soon be unable to continue giving our children the safe, stable, happy, secure environment in which their learning experiences can take place and flourish.

I am very concerned.

Sincerely yours,

Angelita M. Ramos