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From: "Cordingley, Mr Peter \(WPRO\)"
Date: 05 Sep 2006, 12:11:59 AM
Subject: An undemocratic assault on a fine school

This morning I sent the following email to fellow concerned parents working at the World Health Organization in Manila


Last night, I attended a meeting of parents (plus some teachers) at the Polo Club. Here are some of the things we were told.

1. The school is currently going through the process of renewing its accreditation with American universities. Inspectors are in town for that purpose. There is genuine fear that the way the board has taken over administration of the school will result in it losing its accreditation. This will, in a worst-case scenario, jeopardise the chances of Seniors securing places in American universities next year. Worse, regaining accreditation will take several years, meaning children now aged 15 and 16 may also face the same prospects.

2. Job fairs for teachers open in October. Already, more than 80 ISM teachers have signalled their intention to go to the fairs and find new positions for the school year 2007/2008.

3. It is already difficult to find international teachers willing to come to Manila. With the reputation the school is building up now, it may be impossible to fill the vacancies.

4. So our children's futures are at stake here. We cannot stand by and watch while this is happening. We need to act now to protect our children from the consequences of this madness.

The sacking of David Toze is only part of the board of trustees' campaign to run the school their way. Still, everyone should know what happened to Mr Toze yesterday.

A campaign of humiliation

A group of trustees walked into his office and told him he was being sacked on the spot for being unable to control the teachers. He was immeditely escorted from the premises, without even time to collect his personal possessions.

He was told that if he wanted to return to the school, he would have to seek permission from the board.

The same day, his car, which was provided as part of his contract, was confiscated.

This behaviour went far beyond what is normal practice in such circumstances and was clearly designed to humiliate him.

At the same time, board members summoned the head of IT and instructed him to block the email accounts of teachers.

I see all this as a completely undemocratic assault on a fine school by a small cabal of people driven by their own agenda. If they are not stopped, their actions will result in serious damage to our children's futures.

I am happy if you pass this email on to anyone you think should receive it.

Peter Cordingley