Parent Kezang Penjor writes the Board.

From: "Penjors"
Date: 07 Sep 2006, 12:53:39 pM
Subject: Please resign for the sake of our children, if for nothing else!

Dear Remaining Board Members,

As a concerned mother of two children in ISM who has been watching the unfolding events of the past week with horror and outrage, I am appealing to you to resign now! Put your own egos and self-interests aside, if not for our children but for your own children's education which is at grave risk now.

Attending the High School Open House on Tuesday September 5, one thought struck me repeatedly throughout the evening as I met with my son's teachers.These teachers are all experienced and well-qualified professionals, the majority who have travelled from far-away lands to impart world-quality education to our children. As far as I could see, they had no hidden agendas besides their dedication to their students and the subjects they are teaching. Why can you not see that?

Sure we have grumbled and complained about school policies and teachers in the past but no school is perfect. I challenge you to show me a perfect school on this planet! What I believe is that we as parents who have our children's best interests at heart have to co-operate with the teachers to make the learning environment a stable one. The events of the past week have certainly not been so!

I was totally shocked by the events of Monday September 4 when our school Superintendent Mr. David Toze was forcibly removed by armed security guards from the school! Having worked in the school for six years, did he not deserve the respect and dignity of holding the position as ISM Superintendent? Why was he treated like a common criminal? In the emergency meeting called at 1 pm in the Fine Arts Theater on that day, Board Trustee member Martin Lahm did not provide us with clear and concise reasons on the BOT's decision to take that drastic action. Many parents including myself went away angry and frustrated.

In the light of the sad and unfortunate events that have been allowed to take place in our children's school this week, there is no room for compromise any more. Do the right thing. RESIGN!!! Please let our children continue to receive their education in ISM.

Thank you for your time.

Kezang U.Penjor