We are copied on this e-mail from parent Rema Ohno.

From: "Rema P. Ohno"
To: "ISM Board" [BoardMailbox@ismanila.com]
Cc: info@ismstakeholders.com
Date: 05 Sep 2006, 11:52:37 AM
Subject: Re: 3:00 p.m. Meeting today

Dear members of the ISM board of trustees,

My 2 children are presently in ISM for the past 12 years and I have seen and observed the transition of the school from the old to the new one under the leadership of Mr.Toze but I know for a fact that he contributed so much in the new curriculum of the school improving the quality of education of ISM that deteriorated before the coming of Mr.Toze in ISM.

We are saddened by the incident that happened yesterday, obviously it is a manifestation of disrespect to the headmaster of the school as an educator, a violation of human rights and a public display of tyranny most especially so to the young minds of the students.

These young minds that the school are molding as a contributor to a global community of peace love harmony understanding values leadership so that in the future they will bring these to others. We as parents OUR initial instinct is to protect the environment of our children especially the school. It is not a matter of how far a person have achieve in his /her education to understand the word RESPECT towards others. It is not the power either that can bring solution to a problem but humility and understanding.

Nothing can be achieved thru power struggle but a true leader must be a servant first so that he /she will understand how to lead others.

In our own little way of bringing our children to one of the best school in our country,we believed that for every delay of action on your part to ACCEPT the consequences of that horrible mistake then the VALUES that we have instilled to our children in our home will be greatly jeopardize. All we wanted as parents is to add more and learned more in their school unfortunately this is no longer the direction of ISM.

We the parents who attended the meeting this afternoon are supporting the stand of the teachers of ISM in behalf of Mr. Toze. The EDUCATORS the SECOND PARENTS OF OUR CHILDREN hereby request the board to voluntarily resign as an example that can be shown to the CHILDREN AND UPHOLD THE INTEGRITY OF THE SCHOOL AND OUR BELOVED TEACHERS.

We are no longer confident with the board of trustees. We believed that this week is too long not to resolve this issue. TIME is crucial for us. The education of OUR CHILDREN is at STAKE.


Rema P.Ohno