From: John Mulhall
Date: 08 Sep 2006, 03:15:39 PM
Subject: Response to Jim Willey's 2nd letter

Mr. Willey,

As the respondent to your previous letter, I wish to thank you for the letter you sent today to the ISM Community.

It is understandable that we have become emotionally involved in what has recently taken place at ISM and, as we all know, emotions often lead to statements which we later regret.

My response to your previous letter came from my personal observations and convictions. Although I did not speak on behalf of anybody else, several faculty members have since reiterated their confidence in the competence of our locally hired faculty. Inadvertently, the result was an outpouring of support for Filipino and non-Filipino locally hired faculty.

After reading today's letter, I know many others would join me in commending you for acknowledging the effects of your previous letter, and for apologizing to the ISM community in this public forum. Thank you for not leaving this matter unresolved.


John P. Mulhall
(MS & HS Faculty member)