Parent Anastasia Marina writes the Board.

To: "ISM Board" []
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From: Anastasia.Marina
Date: 07 Sep 2006, 09:15:57 AM
Subject: RE: Letter to Parents, Faculty and Staff

Dear Ms. Bocanegra,

With due respect, why the Board will not "build the bridges" starting with explanation to the ISM community its way of conduct that led to the faculty strike for two days now? Not that it will help the current Board to come back to its normal operations. At least I do not believe so. I think the current Board burned its bridges already.

Why was Mr. Toze's contract that abruptly terminated on Sept. 4? Why was Mr. Toze that inhumanely treated - his car and cell phone confiscated and himself escorted out the school? Was he that dangerous to our kids?

Why did the Board refuse to meet with the faculty and parents on Monday, Sept. 5 when faculty and parents asked for it, disturbed by the Sept. 4's event? Now that the faculty is in such a state due to the Board's behavior toward them, the Board is putting blame back on them?

I believe, as a parent of ISM student, I am entitled to hear the Board's side of the story on this - fact by fact. That is, if the Board is still hoping to get any vote of confidence from ISM parents, I believe, it really should address all those disturbing facts there is so much speculation on going around.

But judging the way events are now developing, I do not believe, the Board will get any vote of confidence any more. Why does not the Board face the reality, step down, let the school resume its normal operations and let out kids come back to school?

Thanks & regards,

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