Parent Mabel Manalac wrote this email to the Board to thank them for their letter of 29 September 2006.

From: isabel manalac
Sent: Sat 9/30/2006 9:41 AM
Subject: RE: LETTER FROM THE BOARD dated 29 September 2006

Dear Interim Board,

I have just read your letter dated September 29, and have read with equally great interest your letter of September 19.

I truly appreciate the urgency and care with which you are moving forward on your agenda, and appreciate as well your intention of keeping the community informed of crucial developments, e-mailing us in digest format said developments in "real time".

I was beginning to feel down in the part where you spoke of "search for a new superintendent", not knowing the paragraph that followed after was how the Interim Board had resolved to renew David's contract and that he agreed--I think that's wonderful news.

Thank you once more for the "real time" updates; individuals such as yourselves surely put the word "trust" back in "Trustee".


Mabel Manalac, parent