Parent Isabel Manalac writes the individual Board members.

From: "isabel manalac"
Date: 06 Sep 2006, 12:49:59 AM
Subject: ISM Board Policy Manual on Trustees' Code of Conduct

Dear Gigi, Noy, Jimmy, Martin, Hans, and Tom,

We all know each other, and I will keep this communication honest, open, and respectful. This is from the ISM website under the Board section, and I am attaching it to remind you that it is the yardstick by which we, the community, are to measure all your actions as Board of Trustees. Gigi and Jim, I truly believed in you when I voted for you. Martin, Hans, and Tom, I was open to being impressed with the possible good you could bring. If there is any chance I am lucky to reach that side of you, please care to review the ISM Board Policy Manual on Board of Trustees' Code of Conduct in light of what is happening now, especially numbers 1, 4, 8, 9 and 10. Thank you.


Mabel Manalac

A P P E N D I X A Appendix A (Board Operations)
Appendix A1 Ref. Policy No. 1010.2
APPENDIX A1 - Board of Trustees' Code of Conduct

1. A Trustee understands and supports the I.S. Statement of Mission and Philosophy.

2. A Trustee familiarizes him/herself with and is guided by the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the School, the Board Policy Manual, including this Code of Conduct.

3. A Trustee arranges his/her time to insure regular and punctual attendance at Board meetings and to carry out the responsibilities of Officer or Committee Chairman/Member, as required.

4. A Trustee does not act as representative of a particular constituency, pressure group or nationality, but represents and promotes, to the greatest extent possible, the best interests of each member of International School's multinational student body.

5. A Trustee participates in the democratic process of decision making within the Board taking the time to become familiar with the facts surrounding issues for discussion and accepts and supports Board decisions resulting from that process. A Trustee who concludes that he/she cannot comfortably support a Board decision reached through democratic process will choose the option of resigning rather than creating confusion and apprehension in the community by publicly disowning the Board while remaining a member of that body.

6. A Trustee works to promote harmonious relations within the Board by exhibiting courtesy, honesty and reasonableness in all Board discussions, and to preserve the dignity of the Board by airing and resolving differences in the appropriate venue Board matters within Board meetings and personal differences privately with the colleague concerned.

7. A Trustee exercises discretion and respects the confidentiality of those Board discussions and decisions, which, by their nature, are obviously intended to remain solely within the purview of the Board of Trustees.

8. A Trustee respects the prescribed limitation of his/her authority. He/she does not attempt to issue unilateral directives to the Superintendent (a function of the Board as a body), or to Administrators (a function of the Superintendent).

9. A Trustee who is the recipient of complaints/suggestions from I.S. individuals or groups responds in a manner that is most helpful to the correspondent while maintaining appropriate objectivity. He/she listens attentively; refrains from assurances of personal support/resolution; and directs the correspondent to the appropriate member of the Administration, or indicates that he/she will bring the matter to the attention of the Superintendent/Board for consideration, as merited.

10. A Trustee, as a governor of an institution dedicated to the education of young persons, makes every effort to model the highest moral and ethical standards in his/her personal and professional life.

Assigned To: Nominations Committee

Approval Date: October 21, 1985

Revision Date: April 27, 2004