Christopher W. MacCormac, a patron of ISM, wrote us and asked us to post an addendum to his original message.

Additional Comment/Proposal by Mr. Christopher W. MacCormac

I would like to make a further comment, or perhaps a proposal, as follows:

Understandably, Mr. Dare may not wish to accept the invitation of the Board of Trustees to assume the position of Superintendent, even on an interim basis. Therefore, I propose that Mr. Dare accept the position of Superintendent on an interim basis at the request of the patrons of ISM including myself. I hope other Patrons will consider this proposal for their endorsement. Furthermore, I would request all other teachers and staff at ISM to 'endorse' Mr. Dare as acting or interim Superintendent and to give him their full support. I believe the Administration and School needs an active Superintendent and I have confidence Mr. Dare can take on this responsibility for the time being. For the consideration of all other patrons of ISM.