Laura Lehmann, Grade 7 writes to the Board, Administration, teachers and staff.

September 7, 2006

Dear Board of Trustees, Administration, Teachers, and Staff,

For the past several days, the ISM community has evidently been undergoing a series of problematic matters, those of which I am certain you are familiar with. I, as a distressed ingredient of the student body, fervently sense it is my obligation to share and convey my thoughts of the affair. Thus, I inscribe this worrisome letter within the demonstrative walls of my bedroom, for my soul will find no tranquility until these dilemmas resolve.

Meandering throughout the corridors of the International School Manila, an ambiance of aspiration and promise encircles my core. It seems as if the only place in the modern world that may encompass such admirable unity. It is where children of countless nationalities, ethnicities, religions, and races, huddle within a single classroom to study the extraordinary and question the perplexing. It is where we may implement our most outlandish dreams and grow to be our utmost desires. Nonetheless, due to the recent events, I must inquire, Can this become of me, or is it nothing but another fantasy?

Hence, I beseech that you envisage our future, our influence in the impending world. I entreat that you consider our professors, who prolong to ardently stand amid this crisis. Conclusively, I implore that you discern the colossal potential of the academy, for the entire ISM community has devotedly collaborated in order to seize conquest in this bizarre war. We will persistently sacrifice our time, awaiting justice and rectitude to unveil.

Indeed, I may be the youngest of all the individuals composing letters. Certainly however, that does not imply that I am the least concerned or of less significance. I love this school. Please do not obliterate our hopes and dreams. Bolt this dilemma in an ominous shack of past mistakes and regret.

See this issue through our eyes…


Laura Lehmann
Grade 7 - Filipino Scholar