Alumnus Simon Lee writes us.

From: "Simon Lee"
Date: 07 Sep 2006, 02:38:05 AM
Subject: Fwd: a concerned alumni

Dear whomever this may concern,

I actually no longer attend ISM (as I graduated last year); however I -- like many other alumni-- am still very much concerned about the events that have unfolded over the past week(s). I admittedly am still very much in the dark regarding specific details of why certain events took place and do not personally know the board members well enough to justifiably judge them; still I felt compelled to express how much faith I have in ISM's current administration. ISM is definitely a school on the rise, and continues to do so because of the quality of its teachers and administrators (both as people and educators). I personally find it absurd that board members deemed ISM's strength (its faculty) as its greatest weakness. If there is any way I can help (even if it is to get more alumni's to express their approval of our school in order to garner more parents' support) please let me know.

Best wishes