This statement was issued by the Leadership Team (Assistant Superintendent, Principals and Assistant Principals).

6th. September 2006.

Dear Parents,

Today all members of the Leadership Team issued the following statement to Mrs. Bocanegra and another Trustee:

“Due to events that have occurred over the past several days, and the recent resignations of Board Members, we the Leadership Team and Director of Operations and Security are hereby lodging a vote of no-confidence in remaining Board members. We do not have confidence that the remaining Board Members are able to effectively participate in the governance of this school.”

In order for the school to move forward, it is imperative that we facilitate community reconciliation and return to effective Board Governance. Our prime concern is the education of our students. For us to continue our mission, the faculty and staff need to be focused, feel safe, supported and trusted.

The Leadership Team believe that this cannot happen for as long as the remaining Board Trustees refuse to resign their positions.

The Leadership Team call upon Gigi Bocanegra, Martin Lahm III, Leandro De Mesa, Hans-Peter Brunner and Tom Navasero to resign their positions as of today, with that decision communicated to the Leadership Team by 8:00 p.m this evening. If that does not happen, International School Manila will remain closed on Thursday 7th September.

ISM Leadership Team