We received a copy of this email from Parent Exequiel Lampa.

From : Lampa, Exequiel (Indonesia)
Sent : Wednesday, September 6, 2006 2:38 PM
To : "'info@ismstakeholders.com'"

Dear Concerned Stakeholders,

I am the father of Enrique Lampa, a grade one pupil at ISM.

I am based in Jakarta, Indonesia and therefore I cannot cast my vote personally. If my spouse, Sonia Lampa, has the time, I will request her to personally cast our vote of no confidence. If she is unable to do so, I would like to re-iterate my vote of no confidence to the present board which was contained in my earlier email, attached.

Kind regards.

Exequiel Lampa


From: Lampa, Exequiel (Indonesia)
To: 'ES Office' [ESMailbox@ismanila.com],
Subject: RE: Letter to Parents
Sent: Wednesday, September 6, 2006 10:28 AM

Dear Mr. Dare,

I am the father of Enrique Lampa, grade one pupil at ISM.

Recently, I received communications from both camps about the present problems at ISM. I also read this morning in the Inquirer ( via internet ) accounts of the ISM issues.I feel sad that ugly disputes are happening in a place where young minds are supposed to be molded/shaped in the right way. What kind of messages do the bickering convey to the students? Crap.

Now classes are even suspended and therefore students are deprived of their rightful education. Why should students suffer from the inabilities of parents, administrators, and other stakeholders to settle their disputes?


Looking at it from a broad perspective ( as I don't have the privilege of knowing the details of each camp's positions on issues ) I believe the present board has lost the credibility to carry on. If they had the right logic and rationale to defend their acts, they should have convened all stakeholders and convinced them about the merits of their acts before things got to the tragic state where it is now. If only for that, the present board has lost the credibility to lead. Obviously, the best option left is a newly-installed board with fresh mandate from stakeholders.

I do not know how the election of the board works. If am entitled to vote, I am submitting my vote of no confidence on the present board.

Kind regards.

Exequiel Lampa