Date: 07 Sep 2006, 10:05:12 AM
Subject: Resignation of Martin Lahm

Attached is a copy of my letter of resignation, which you may post. Martin Lahm

6 September 2006

ISM Board of Trustees

Dear Mrs. Bocanegra,

With this letter, I hereby resign from the ISM Board of Trustees. Though this is not my preferred course of action, significant concerns for the safety, security and well being of my wife and children require that I do so. It is a sad day for all when any individual member of the community is placed in such an untenable position.

I firmly believe that the Board's action with respect to Mr. Toze was correct in all respects. Had there been another way to proceed I would have chosen that path. However, as a result of all of the information I had access to, far more than any non-trustee, the termination of Mr. Toze's contract was required and in the best interests of the school. Despite the enormous, and at times distasteful, pressure placed on my fellow trustees, all individuals acted with the best interests of the school at heart. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the faculty and staff who undertook what can only be described as the most unproductive and destructive course of action out of many positive and constructive options open and available to them.

The "teachers" who led this appalling and illegal walkout, as well as those who mindlessly and unprofessionally followed along, deserve only the severest condemnation. All such individuals have allowed their parochial interests and petulant concerns to take precedence over their primary duty as educators. You have singularly failed our children and that is the message that they will bring away from this unfortunate experience. While I previously held many of you in high personal esteem and even looked forward to working with you this year as partners, I now face the unenviable position of entrusting you with the education of my children. While you may have lost confidence in the Board, many of us, as parents, have lost confidence in you and the administrators who have allowed you to act in this destructive fashion.

Whilst I can accept honest, intellectual disagreement with Board actions, the scurrilous politics of personal destruction have been on an unprecedented scale, at least in my experience. To those individuals who entrusted me with the responsibility of representing the interests of our community on the Board, I am truly sorry. I would like to have continued to act in a capacity that would enable me to give effect to your mandate. However, my family should not have to endure the hostile and malicious attacks of certain members of the community, most disturbingly, aired in public. I am no longer willing to subject my family to this enmity.

I will always owe a debt of the highest personal gratitude to the ISAE teachers and the other members of the faculty and staff who reported to school today ready to do their jobs. They acted with unparalleled professionalism and dedication and should be admired and commended by the ISM community.

Democracy and governance do not mean doing what is popular rather they mean doing what is right in the face of unpopularity. I wish the new Board luck and support. Hopefully they will form a good relationship with the interim superintendent and continue the head selection process we started to find a unifying presence the entire community can rally around. As a final matter, I am grateful to Luz DeJesus and Bea Aquino for their incredible dedication and support to the Board in the face of undeserved pressure - Thank you!

Respectfully yours,

Martin L. Lahm, III

Sent: Sun 9/10/2006 7:59 PM
Subject: A Personal Apology

Attachements: ISM Apology.pdf(35KB) [see below]


Attached is a copy of my personal apology to the members of the ISM community, I would be grateful if you would post it on your site so that the greatest distribution is achieved. Thank You!


Martin Lahm