Mila J. Jude, a Parent, wrote the following email.

From: "Mila J. Jude"
Cc: Anthony Jude
Date: 06 Sep 2006, 09:04:25 AM
Subject: A Very Concerned Parent of 3 ISM students

Dear ISM Stakeholders,

I have read the contents of the ISM Stakeholders website, attended the meetings (at the FAT on Monday, and at the LT on Tuesday), heard all the rumors, and I feel that I can not just be silent, so here are my reactions:

1. I don't want to call myself 'neutral', but rather 'objective'.

2. My husband and me will attend the meeting today in Rockwell [webmaster's note: the meeting will be at the Manila Polo Club, not Rockwell], hoping to sign the petition for the ISM Board to resign. In fairness to the ISM Board, I recognize their time spent on being a Board member, but the way they handled their 'means' to achieve an 'end' was not transparent. The Board may have a 'good' end in mind, but they are not telling us the real story why they have to resort to their kind of 'means'.

3. I can't believe this is happening in 'real life'. I have been an ISM parent since 1994, went to live and work abroad for 5 years (2000-2005), and when we came back last year, I was shocked at how ISM has changed.

4. I have given up trying to find an answer to my simple question: "What exactly did Mr. Toze do to deserve this kind of treatment from the Board?". Everything in the Board's letter is vague for my simple (but analytical mind). As a trained researcher, I can not understand vague statements, my brain can only process concrete statements. I wish that the Board should tell us what are the specific acts that Mr. Toze did to justify what they did. Of course there are a lot of rumors going around, regarding what Mr. Toze did, but we can not rely on rumors. Or, these are sensitive matters that the Board can not disclose?

5. We need 'real facts': like is it true that Mr. Toze was escorted by an armed guard. This is reported in a daily newspaper. Are there witnesses who can attest to this, that it was an armed guard? I think that the Board should really speak up. If this crisis is now reported in a newspaper, this can be blown out of proportion.

My son in Grade 12, is anxious. They, the Seniors, are working hard for their college applications. Today, they were looking forward to the "Battle of the Bearcats" but classes were canceled. Last night, before the news of the cancellation of classes, he was proudly showing us his Seniors T-shirt for the Battle... event. The school is also working towards accreditation but with this trouble in the school, the students are anxious to know if the school will get its accreditation renewed.

I sincerely hope that this will be resolved soon, for the sake of our children, and for us parents to go on with our normal life.

Mila J. Jude