From: ISM Board []
Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2006 5:54 PM

19 September 2006

Dear ISM Community,

On behalf of all ten newly-elected members of the interim board of trustees, I would like to underscore our commitment to make the best possible use of the next eight months before the May elections to contribute to a healing process at ISM, conduct business as necessary to the functioning of the school, organize elections for the next board of trustees, and consider amendments to the by-laws for approval of the general membership, to help avoid a recurrence of the recent crisis.

You will hear from us often on progress on this agenda, which we believe is critical to establishing a long range, stable learning environment for our children and educators. We welcome views from all in the ISM community, and we will soon communicate concretely various ways you can make your opinions heard by the board. We deeply need the engagement of parents to make our reform efforts a success.

The new board had its organizational meeting immediately after the elections on Monday, September 18. I am pleased to announce our consensus agreement on the following officers of the board: President - Randy Johnson; First Vice President - Margarita Delgado; Second Vice President - Juan Miranda; Treasurer - Byoung Hyun Suh.

Today, ISM General Counsel Karina Tanega received an Order issued by the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) to maintain the "status quo ante" i.e. the status prior to the issuance of notice of termination of David Toze. David will return to work tomorrow. I will meet with David to begin to establish the close working relationship needed between the Board President and the ISM Superintendent. The entire board joins me in welcoming and looking forward to working with David as we move forward on our agenda. David will participate in board meetings, as provided in the by-laws, beginning with our next meeting on Thursday, September 21.

In closing, I want to reiterate our pledge to listen closely to you and to work diligently for the good of ISM. Together, I am convinced we can move forward.


Randy Johnson
President, ISM Board of Trustees