This website received this email from Abid Hussain, a parent.

From: Abid Hussain
Sent: Sunday, September 03, 2006 7:16 PM
Cc: Abid Hussain
Subject: IS--State of Affairs

Thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort for launching this website. It is helpful, informative and transparent.

As concerned parents, we like most others IS parents feel a sense of frustration and anger that things should have come to such a pass. Clearly, the Board, the faculty and the IS administration have their respective roles. These ought to be respected. Unnecessary interference, and creation of an atmosphere of mistrust is clearly not the role of the Board of Trustees. And neither have we, as parent shareholders, even remotely delegated this task to some seemingly over zealous and misguided trustees. There is no room for grinding personal axes, and we the parent shareholders would not allow the hijacking of the Board of Trustees real role for stoking inflated personal egos.

The interest of the students should be the foremost objective of the Board, the Administration and the Faculty. The Board defines the framework within which the institution operates and should have the good sense to leave its implementation to the Administration. There is a specific forum where the performance of the school administration is evaluated and suggestions made to further improve the functioning of the school for its ultimate beneficiaries, the students. By no means should the any of Trustees get involved in the day-to-day running of the school. For that, there is a professional administration in place. The Administration's and the Faculty's respective space should not be infringed on. The Faculty should not have to worry about such matters as is unfortunately now taking its time. This is an avoidable distraction, and at a minimum, the faculty members are entitled to a teaching-friendly enabling environment.

Over the past several years, we have personally known many members of the Leadership Team. And it is not acceptable that they should have to come to a decision, such as they have reached. We, as part of parent shareholder community, support the calling of an open Board meeting with the objective of restoring trust and confidence of all concerned. The current situation is untenable. There is much room for introspection. Failing this, it may force a situation where a reconstitution of the Board of Trustees may be the only viable and sustainable solution.

Let us work together to resolve this issue, which has now assumed a crisis level. In the interim, the faculty should be given the space to perform its functions and the students should not have to suffer.

Abid Hussain