Parents Tilak and Mala Hettige write to all Parents

From: [Tilak and Mala Hettige]
Sent: Thu 9/7/2006 6:00 PM
Subject: An appeal to ISM parents

Dear fellow parents,

The issues that are affecting the day to day functioning of the ISM and its reputation have dragged on far too long. We have been attending all parent meetings since the last election as we realized that tension was building in the school and we wanted to be informed. We have helped to inform many parents in our community about the situation.

After two days of no classes many more parents have become interested in the problems facing the school. But, there are parents who still do not understand the situation and have not come forward to take a stand. We are appealing to all parents to be involved in two ways:

First, those of you who elected the still-remaining members of the Board of Trustees owe it to our children to talk to these individuals and persuade them to step down. The remaining trustees or their representatives would have approached you to get your vote, please approach the trustees and persuade them to step down as it is the only honorable thing to do in this impasse.

Second, please inform your colleagues and friends who are ISM parents of this situation and ask them to take a stand. If you know that some parents are traveling please approach their families to get their proxies.

In closing, we wish to offer our profound thanks the group of parents who have tirelessly worked on behalf of our children to bring a solution to this very frustrating situation. We are personally very grateful to them.

Thank you

Tilak and Mala Hettige