Parent Lareen Heinz wrote the Board in response to their announcement that Messrs. Concepcion, Hua and Rowan had resigned as Trustees.

From: laureen heinz
Date: 06 Sep 2006, 11:01:41 PM
Subject: Fwd: Re: Letter to Parents, Faculty and Staff

Please see the below. Please withold my email address on the posting.

Thank you.

laureen heinz wrote:

Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 07:58:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: laureen heinz
Subject: Re: Letter to Parents, Faculty and Staff
To: ISM Board []

Dear Members of the Board,

Do these words sound familiar?:

'ISM needs to be the place that instills key values in our children:...HONESTY in behavior, and highest RESPECT for achievement and professional excellence;...My focus as a Board member would be to ensure the schools is governed in a way... That IMPROVES the parent involvement in pivotal decisions the Board is asked to make on behalf of ISM.'

'Open and Transparent Acts... All policies and procedures must be clearly set out and trustees must always recognize and comply, fully, with the duty of accountability owed to the Members...Trustees must develop a culture characterized by honest debate, receptivity to challenges and respect for differing informed opinions instead of preferring the voices of a favored few.'

'An exceptional Trustee is a constructive partner with its fellow Trustees and more importanly with its management team. They are responsible, mission driven, engaged in strategic thinking, believe in a culture of inquiry, and are independent-minded. They place the SCHOOL AND ITS STUDENTS ABOVE ALL ELSE.THEY ARE ETHICAL AND TRANSPARENT TO THE BOARD, THE STUDENTS AND TO THE COMMUNITY.'

I voted for you based on these words of yours. I was blatantly lied to, as was the rest of the ISM Community that voted in the last election. You write in your letter: "It can be said that matters read or heard can be very informative but not necessarily conclusive about what that Board truly does and what the Board direction is." Please be TRANSPARENT and ENLIGHTEN US what the board direction is. Apparently it is some big secret, as neither I nor any other parent I know are aware of it. Remember YOU work for US. Yet you are keeping us in the dark with your decisions.

Your lack of honesty, respect for others, and transparency are shameful. You all should consider how this will impact your reputations in the local and international community.