Frank Harrigan, a parent and employed at the ADB, sent this e-mail.

From: Frank Harrigan
Date: 05 Sep 2006, 10:26:43 AM
Subject: Clarification

Unfortunately, I cannot make the meeting today as I will be travelling. I share the deep concerns of other members of the community about the rash actions and behavior of the Board. At today's meeting, I believe the Board should be invited to resign voluntarily. If they agree, which I understand is doubtful, this would be a dignified and positive outcome that would allow the school to move forward quickly, and to put these ugly events behind us. In a private ballot, current Board members, if they wished, could test how much support their position now attracts. If they do not agree, then the vote of no confidence should proceed.

I also believe that, today, the patrons need to send (again) a very clear message to the teachers and administrators that they have our full support and confidence. Their nerves are obviously rattled, and inevitably this is unsettling our children.

I happen to be an employee of ADB. I would like to inform the community that the so-called, "ADB_ISM" group do not represent my views, which I am expressing in an individual capacity. I know too that this group has absolutely no right to the use of the corporate moniker and do not in any shape, way or form represent a collective view of ADB parents. In their personal capacities, I am sure my colleagues will contribute their views.

Frank Harrigan