Parent Jojo Guingona responds to student Martin Cu's e-mail.

From: Jojo Guingona
Date: 07 Sep 2006, 12:26:38 PM
Subject: response to Martin Cu


Thank you for your e-mail. It is not my intention to antagonize you by this response but I feel I must make some clarifications. Let me point out that it is precisely the lack of communication from the Board that has brought about this current sentiment of NO CONFIDENCE from Parents, Faculty, Staff and the community in general. The Board was invited to several meetings to discuss some possible compromise, unfortunately majority of the Board chose not to attend. The number of Faculty and Staff who have joined the movement has swelled from 199 a few days ago to 217 as of this morning. The Faculty and Staff have taken a hard line stand of not being willing to work with any members of the current Board. To update you, there are only 4 Trustees left on the Board. Please read the resignation letters of the Trustees who have decided to resign. They themselves cite the shortcomings of the present Board. This should give you a much clearer picture. This is a direct communique from people that were on the Board of Trustees but found that their resignations were in the best interest of ISM

My sole intention was to try to explain to the student body why the situation is where it is at present. I enjoin you to read up on the facts and come up with your own conclusions. You are after all entitled to your own opinion. The pertinent facts are all posted on this website. If you think we are in the wrong, then by all means rally your troops in defense of the Board. If you however agree with our sentiments, you are more than welcome to join our ranks. If you notice, I have not cast any personal attacks at the Board. This is a problem which is issue based. You have my word that I will do my best to keep the ISM parent community of that fact.


Jojo Guingona