This website received a copy of this email which was written in reply to an email from the Trustees to all parents.

From: WS Uytengsu
Sent: Tue 09/05/2006 12:04 PM
To: ISM Board
Subject: Disappointment

Dear Mrs. Bocanegra,

This most recent email is yet another example of the misrepresentations you have made to the ISM community.

First of all, the manner in which you allowed the termination of David Toze to be handled is simply appalling. There can be no explanation for the lack of dignity in which this was handled. There was no urgency to have this carried out immediately (if at all) and clearly there is no reason to withdraw his vehicle and certain possessions in his residence (even though ISM is paying for such). It is clear that this Board has little or no experience in dealing with a management team or a CEO, as this simply does not happen under these circumstances. It does, however, appear to be very personal and more like a vendetta.

Secondly, your previous email announcing the termination of David Toze as Superintendent and having him replaced by Stephen Dare was clearly misleading. Mr. Dare was absent from school yesterday when the Board met and approved the termination of Mr. Toze. It would be interesting to know how you could come up with the following sentence in your previous email dated September 4, 2006 which reads as follows: "The Board believes that Stephen Dare, the Assistant Superintendent, can provide the link that is needed at the moment and he has agreed to assume these responsibilities." And now, you inform us that indeed Mr. Dare has NOT agreed to accept the very role you said he agreed to a day before. Perhaps this was an attempt to placate a very upset community over the misguided handling over the illegal termination of the Superintendent.

If there were any sense of responsibility on your part (and that of the rest of the Board), you would act in a noble manner and resign en masse as it clearly appears you do not have the support, trust or confidence from the faculty and a growing number of parents. It is a matter of time before more parents will be aware of the negligence and incompetence of the current Board. And, appropriate actions will be taken.

As bad as things were last year with the Board, this is significantly worse. You have jeopardized the accreditation of ISM, alienated the teachers, created discord within the ISM patron community and set a very poor example for our children who are acutely aware of the pathetic state of affairs. It is truly unfortunate that this will be your legacy to ISM.


Fred Uytengsu