Former Trustee Burke Fishburn writes the ISM community and the Board on the elections and on David Toze.

From: Fishburn, Mr. Burke Anthony
Sent: Mon 9/11/2006 11:26 AM
Subject: Recommendations

Dear Members of ISM:

Please forgive the brevity and the method of my communication to you. I simply want to urge you to attend the Special Members' meeting this evening, 18 September, and to validate the removal of the Trustees. I also recommend you elect the 10 trustees nominated by the Sustaining Members. As a former Trustee, I believe these candidates are best suited to ensure a high degree of stability, and provide the necessary policy direction and guidance to the Administration over the remaining school year.

Furthermore, I strongly recommend that the interim Board, as one of its first priorities, immediately reinstate David Toze as Superintendent, and offer him a long term contract.

The ISM Stakeholders, particularly the teachers who risked so much (they are precisely the type of people I want teaching my children) have my gratitude and admiration.


Burke Fishburn
Former Trustee