We received a copy of this email from Parent Francisco Elizalde.

From : Francisco Elizalde
Sent : Wednesday, September 6, 2006 3:15 PM
To : ESMailbox@ismanila.com, info@ismstakeholders.com
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Subject : Re: Letter to Parents

To the parents that think the actions of the teachers are unacceptable.

In case you haven't been involved, I feel that the Board of Trustees is the one who is taking our children, the teachers and staff, and all of us hostage during the current situation. How else would you like to handle things if the Board of Trustees is not willing to be professional and face up to the issues at hand. There are countless questions that need to be answered and nobody is stepping forward to do so. This is in itself is a sign of weakness and guilt on their part.

They have not had the decency to communicate clearly their actions or their motives let alone face up to the school. They have acted in a "policed state" sort of manner by even having the gall of cutting off email communication between the teachers, I'm sure if they could do it to some of the parents then they would.

There have been several opportunities for the Board to dialog with teachers and parents but to no avail. We are dealing here with incompetents. Rumor has it that they have evidence on Mr. David Toze and why he deserves to be fired, well if they are so sure about this then why don't they come out with it? Explain to the school what they plan to do.

This is a crisis situation and myself as much as all of us wants to end this standoff as soon possible by putting as much pressure we can on the Board to resign, the only way to do this is to sign the proxy that will move for re-election of a new Board or to force them all to resign immediately.

Let us team together for the good of our children. Please come to any of these meetings to sign up.

Today Wednesday, September 6th (Manila Polo Club at 7pm) ; Thursday, September 7th (Manila Golf Club, 7pm) and on Friday, September 8th (Manila Polo Club, 7pm).

Francisco R. Elizalde "Patxi"