Parent Colin Davis writes the Board.

From: "colin davis"
To: "'ISM Board'" []
Date: 06 Sep 2006, 10:54:48 PM
Subject: RE: Letter to Parents, Faculty and Staff

Dear Mrs Bocanegra,

It seems that it is not “a group” of faculty and staff – it is 90% of them and including local support staff. I believe that the majority of parents understand and support their actions and are now quite dissatisfied with the antics and incompetence of your board. The faculty and staff had asked for meetings with the board to discuss the issues, and it was the board that procrastinated and allowed the situation to descend to the current crisis. Inaction and inappropriate actions by board members have brought the school to its knees. The faculty and staff had asked for bridges; you offered contempt.

Teaching is one of the dedicated professions in this world, teachers do not expect to become wealthy through their profession, they do it because they feel for the children they teach, they feel that they are giving, contributing to society and they feel pride when they see students that they have taught going on to better things in their career. For the ISM teachers to have taken this action means that they must be deeply, deeply hurt and completely distrustful of your Board. We have heard of the recent events where individual (apparently and bizarrely acting alone ?) board members have arranged for teachers internet connections to be tampered with and disconnected, we have seen with great dismay and astonishment the awful way your board has dealt with Mr. Toze, in a most unprofessional and hurtful way, a way in which no staff member in our modern society should be treated and certainly not the superintendent of a major international school – and one that has given so much to make ISM what it is (was) today.

Most parents, I believe, are now extremely concerned with another issue which looms large on the horizon– accreditation. If, as a consequence of your board’s actions, the school fails to be re-accredited, this will have very serious repercussions on the current 12th and 11th graders and of course those students coming through the system. Universities and other schools may well choose not to recognize the grades achieved at ISM, as being from a school which is not accredited. students will fail to gain entry to American and other universities, all of the hard work the students have put in will be wasted.

Not only that: we have paid considerable fees for our children to be taught at an accredited school. If the school loses that accreditation, through your actions, then I hope you are making financial preparations to refund our fees so that we may seek accredited education elsewhere. It is one of the board’s responsibilities to ensure the high standards that we have paid for are maintained. It seems we are in danger of losing those high standards, through whatever agenda is afoot.

My plea and suggestion to you and the remaining board members is that you resign forthwith, avoid ignominy, allow the school to return to normalcy and allow our children to return to their education. I do hope you and the remaining board members will take this suggestion seriously, before the situation becomes even more grave than it currently is.

Colin Davis