Dale Rutstein, who served as a Trustee from 2003-2006, provided this website a copy of an email he wrote.

From: Dale Rutstein
Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 1:36 PM
To: board@ismanila.com
Cc: info@ismstakeholders.com
Subject: Letter of Concern

Dear Gigi,

I am greatly concerned about a series of events that indicate a worrisome unravelling of confidence of patrons in the ability of the ISM Board to govern the school. I believe the climate of mistrust and antagonism that has emerged is primarily due to the behavior of current Board members, several of whom have pursued a narrow agenda to purge the current school administration, or who have allowed a climate of deep mistrust to get out of control. The latest development of all school administrators resigning in protest from EduCom has me gravely worried over the current state of relations between the Board and school administration. I have heard that the leadership team has issued a detailed letter taking the Board to task which is signed by their entire ranks and revealing unscrupulous behavior of individual Board members which brought about their resignation. I have decided to join a chorus of parents who request to be issued with a copy of this letter. I have faxed this request to the Board today. This indeed is a very troubling turn of events which confirms the potential for a teacher exodus from ISM next year. A number of the best ISM teachers who did not intend to leave next year are now planning to do so. In the words of one of them: "I have been in international schools a long time and when a Board is elected with the primary intention of firing the Superintendent it is a clear sign to leave." This particular teacher I regard as one of the best I have ever known in all the international schools I have been associated with.

The resignation of the administrators from educom together with the resignations of Board members Burke Fishburn and Rowina Tan-Saban are definitely worrisome events which contribute to a general loss of confidence in the Board. ISM is now better than it may have ever been. It continues to make strides toward international education excellence. I urge you to act quickly to remove the perception that the Board is intervening improperly in the administration of the school; to return the focus of the Board on policy development and strategic direction, and to clearly communicate your position on the current administration and faculty disquiet to the entire community of patrons. I am convinced that we are facing a hemorrhage of faculty and administrators next year if deliberate actions are not taken to correct the mistakes that are being made. These resignations are already reverberating throughout the international school system which is, after all, a very close community. It will be very difficult to replace the seasoned professionals who have signaled their intention to abandon ship at the end of this year.

Yours sincerely,

Dale Rutstein
Former ISM Board Member 2003-2006