Martin Cu, a 12th Grader, responds to the e-mail of Parent Jojo Guingona.

From: "martin cu"
Date: 05 Sep 2006, 11:31:37 AM
Subject: In Regards to Mr. Guingona's Response

Mr. Guingona and other members of the adult community,

I appreciate the acknowledgement of our collective concerns by the website, in addition to your personal response. I understand that you, as parents, feel obligated to act on our behalf, to perform a duty bearing both the best interests of your children and their education in mind. As both my parents are very active in the current situation, I understand entirely.

While said acknowledgement, in addition to the other emails submitted to this website, are proof that communication is being opened, I further urge others, particularly the leadership of our school community, the principals and teachers, to further enlighten students as to this matter. You ask us to abandon neutrality without knowing all the facts Mr. Guingona, and while I understand how clear the situation is from your perspective and why you would find it difficult to understand my reasons for not taking a side, it is undeniably ironic that it was lack of information that lay the groundwork for the situation. Is it not true that it was the ignorance of a majority of parents towards the board election that allowed the current board to allegedly abuse the proxy system? For this reason, I am willing to take my chances in the hottest places in Hell rather than taking the chance of condemning someone as a result of my own naivety.

In regards to the emotionality of the current state of affairs, I am not bothered that people have taken the situation to heart and are allowing themselves to be affected by it; rather I find myself more worried that, in effort to further discredit the members of the board, certain individuals will resort to the use of argumentum ad hominem, a direct attack focused on defamation of character, rather than one in relation to the argument at hand. Mr. Cordingley condemns the board for their 'Campaign of Humiliation' in his email. I ask of the adults of our community to be professional in dealing with this issue, by dragging personal matters in to the resolution of this issue is in itself a 'Campaign of Humiliation.' You recognized the fact that there are those among your group with "an axe to grind" with the members of the board of trustees. I call upon the parental community, including those bearing a grudge against the board for what ever reason, to act as the role models they should be, to take the moral high ground and deal with the key issues at hand rather than creating a further rift in our community.

While I do not myself have a perfect solution for the problem at hand, and I can understand the justification behind the actions the parents are taking, I ask two things from ISM's parental community. The first is access to unbiased knowledge. (I apologize, Mr. Guingona, but I have trouble considering Mr. Cordingley's account unbiased, albeit for the most part factual.) I ask you to give us the same knowledge that both parties involved have, to treat us as equals rather than letting us twist in the wind while we watch the grown-ups attempt to resolve an issue far more relevant to us than them. The second is the maintenance of a professional manner when dealing with said issue. It's plain to see that there is nothing to be gained by making an attack on the board on a personal level, while they, not to mention their children who are already in danger of being victimized, stand to lose respect and trust both within and for the ISM community.


Martin Cu
Grade 12