This website was copied on this e-mail from a parent, Mr. Ernest Cu, to the Board President. Mr. Cu responds to the Board's announcement that it has terminated David Toze's contract.

From: "Cu, Ernest"
To: "ISM Board" []
Date: 04 Sep 2006, 03:23:03 PM


The news of Mr. Toze’s termination is very concerning and one that is likely to further fuel the divisive atmosphere that exists. I am fairly sure that the board felt that it had strong reasons for taking such drastic steps. However, your note to the community was vague and only mentions trying to achieve a ‘harmonious communications link between Board and operational organization’. I think the community is entitled to know and with clarity, what the specific reasons are for the immediate termination of Mr. Toze and as to why the board believes this ultimately paves the way for effective dialogue.

From the letters of the resigned board members, school administrators and more recently the teachers, it seems that the problems exist not only on the administration’s side as you indicate, rather issues exist on both sides of the fence. The question is now is: What is the board going to do within its own ranks to purge itself of people who have created this negative atmosphere?

I am letting you know that I am copying as I am confident that other parents would like some clarity on the actual reason for Mr. Toze’s termination.


Ernest Cu
ISM Parent