Our website was copied on this email from a parent.

From: colin davis [m*****l@zpdee.net]
Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 10:23 PM
To: board@ismanila.com
Cc: info@ismstakeholders.com
Subject: Competence of the Board

Dear Mrs. Bocanegra,

We have been following with dismay the recent events at ISM; serious unhappiness of the school administration, fine upstanding members of the Board resigning, the superintendent (who we have great confidence and trust in) resigning suddenly.

Apparently all because of the antics and caustic behaviour of Board members.

We wish to state that the school administration has our fullest support and confidence and we are happy to trust the education of our children to their capable hands.

However, we will not tolerate for long a Board which, seems to be not only incompetent to take the school forward and to provide a stable and happy environment for our children’s education, but is also acting in a destructive manner.

We request that as President of the Board you please look into these matters and ensure that ISM quickly returns to a stable and happy environment, with teachers and administrative staff who are happy and content to fulfill their duties (as they have been doing) to provide a first class education for our children – which is what we are paying for.

If the Board is not able to sort this out very quickly, it will witness many parents beginning to vote with their feet.

We expect to see improvement and resolution to the satisfaction of the administration and teachers, and therefore parents, as soon as possible.


Colin Davis