Parent John Casey provided us a copy of his response to the Board's announcement that the Trustees had terminated David Toze's contract.

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From: John D. Casey
Sent: Monday, September 04, 2006 3:58 PM
To: 'ISM Board'

Response to the Board of Trustees:

You have managed to open up a Pandora’s Box. As a concerned parent of children at ISM I will now want full information in respect of such action and the background leading to your decision and actions. Your action follows the open letter from senior administrators of the school requesting an open Board Meeting, that action effectively announcing a vote of no confidence in the Board. Your actions imply that Mr Toze had been undermining the Board. Surely, you obtained agreement with Mr Toze regarding role and responsibilities for the remainder of his contract?

This is an appalling situation to be in. Yet again, our attention, let alone that of the administration, is being turned away from education of our children. This does not auger well for the year and I can see major disruption or lack of continuity into the following year. Your ability to find a suitable replacement for Mr Toze has been diminished significantly.

How have you managed to get yourselves into this situation?


John Casey
President & CEO
Blue Cross