Parent John Casey provided us a copy of his response to the Board's announcement that Trustees Rowan, Concepcion and Hua had resigned.

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From: John D. Casey
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 9:20 AM
To: 'ISM Board'
Subject: RE: Letter to Parents, Faculty and Staff

To the Board:

Immediately following your communication last Monday regarding the termination of Mr Toze’s contract I responded, indicated that you had opened up a Pandora’s Box. It was inevitable in my opinion that the Board would place itself in a position from which it could not recover. For whatever reasons, the administration and an increasing number of parents no longer have confidence in the Board. For the benefit of our students the appropriate course of action is for the remaining members of the Board to resign in order to start from a clean slate.

Clearly, what will become evident is the demand for clear and proper separation of roles and responsibilities between the administration and the board. The Board’s responsibilities lie squarely in the area of proper corporate governance. Indeed, we should consider a professional screening and selection process of candidates.

Despite your best intentions and interest of students at the core of your actions, the position we are all in reflects ultimately on the competence of the Board in carrying out its responsibilities. Even if the required number of parent signatures is not obtained, there is sufficient damage to the relationship between all stakeholders to warrant the change. Based on my observations of the meeting held last night at the Polo Club bridge building is no longer an option.

Yours sincerely,

John Casey
President & CEO Blue Cross