Parent Gabrielle Bugeja wrote the Board and provided us a copy.

From: "Gabrielle Bugeja"
Date: 06 Sep 2006, 03:10:43 PM
Subject: concerned parent

To All Board Members

I am a newcomer to the school and therefore do not know the board members personally or the full details of all the issues stakeholders have. I have gladly attended meetings called by parents and faculty with the intention of finding out the facts. Both faculty and parents have asked to meet with the board urgently in an attempt to have open transparent communication and get answers to many concerns. Unfortunately because the board chose not to attend the open forum I am still not clear on all the facts and therefore do not make this request based on abilities or lack thereof.

However it is very clear to me there is mistrust and lack of confidence by a large number of both faculty and parents in the boards ability to perform its duties.

Due to recent events, in particular faculty decision not to attend school (which now very directly affects our children) and the large and increasing number of parents who have agreed the only way forward is to elect a new board, the board needs to resign quickly so there is no further disruption to classes.

If you as a board member believe in your ability to sit as a trustee on the board of the ISM then run for re election.

I would like to express my shock and utter disgust at the way the superintendent was treated when fired. I am starting to feel that I have made the wrong choice of school for my child based on the non professional and disrespectful manner in which you have treated one on the most senior members of staff.

The message to all board members is now loud and clear, please resign immediately.

Gabrielle Bugeja
Concerned Parent