We are copied on this e-mail from parent Antonio Brias.

To: board@ismanila.com
Cc: info@ismstakeholders.com
From: Antonio Brias
Date: 05 Sep 2006, 11:18:18 PM
Subject: RESIGN!!!

5 September 2006

To The ISManila Board of Trustees

The termination of Mr. David Toze is a matter of grave concern to many parent/stakeholders. The manner in which it was done is of even greater concern. Even more appalling is the total disregard of the present Board of Trustees for the various concerns and questions raised by faculty and parents. It has become increasingly obvious that you, Board of Trustees, feel that you are the supreme authority in the ISM and have forgotten that it was the parent/stake holders who put you there in the first place. Unlike the Board of Trustees, the stake holders have decided to correct their mistake and are going to do everything possible to remove you from the positions you are hanging on to in the board. Since you do not care about the concerns of parents and faculty , then think of the embarrassment that not only you but your children in ISM will feel when you are disgracefully removed from the Board of Trustees. I urge you all to reflect on the situation at hand and turn in your resignations as soon as possible to avoid further disgracing yourselves in the eyes of the faculty, parents and the rest of society.

Antonio M. Brias